Everyone, thank you for your patience. It's finally here. The beta for 1.1 was a long process, taking a lot longer than I anticipated. Some of the core of the game has been completely rewritten in the interest for the future and we've had to experiment a lot with new values for the new game mode. But where I would usually rush things a little bit, it seemed better to really try to nail this update and get it out properly. As I write this, the Linux update is being prepared as that requires some additional testing and adjustment. Reaching out We have community where I'm active in and approachable. Feel free to drop in for your feedback, critique or just for a nice talk. http://bit.ly/YellowcakeDiscord As always, thank you and I hope you have a good time with this little game. If you're enjoying playing it, please consider dropping a friendly review!


    • Added new game mode: Endless! How far can you go up this tower?
    • Added new warning window when leaving safezone without saving
    • Added option to disable all fluff game animation
    • Added Repair option for all active equipment or single item
    • Added option to skip tutorial (including introduction slides), going straight to the game
    • Highscores now show what platform the user was playing on (e.g Steam, Discord, itch.io, etc...)
    • Added a couple of new achievements for Endless mode
    • Added new statistics to view in the Progress window
    • Added a new introduction animation to complete the sequence


    • Graphic rendering completely rewritten, promises better performance
    • Champions System completely rewritten, promising less freezes
    • Save Points now has a helpful tip
    • Discovering potion effects now have more helpful event message
    • Traps no longer appear in interaction windows
    • Removed Repair option for Pristine and Usable
    • Some monsters have new abilities
    • Bone Shield now also part of the Bone gear set
    • Settings window now has actual checkboxes instead of those weird white/black rectangles
    • Poison Tooth crafting item can now be thrown for a poison effect on targets
    • Removed unnecessary Twitter screenshot reminder. If you want the game to tweet your victory, see the Settings window


    • Fixed crafting now removes correct amount of items
    • Fixed deconstructing now yields correct amount of items
    • Fixed potential crash when internet connection is not possible
    • Fixed Wooden Sword/Wooden Shield gear set completion
    • Fixed spell information on Character Creation when selecting a starting load-out
    • Fixed potential crash in foreign characters sneaking into Loot Window
    • Fixed a bug where users were able to duplicate items when thrown on to the floor
    • Fixed a bug where some background graphics were not shown until a step is taken
    • Fixed a bug where an attempt could be made to revive a Champion by another monster
    • Fixed a bug where borderless fullscreen would reset your resolution choice with some funky results
    • Fixed a bug where speeding up the introduction sequence would only speed up text but not the imagery
    • Fixed a bug where creature notifications (e.g exclaim!) would briefly appear in a different position before moving to the creature
    • Improved performance by getting rid of old legacy sections of the game
    • Fixed a bug where connected controller would be inaccurately detected in the Settings window
    • Fixed a bug where the tutorial movement images would reduce performance occassionally