This update adds Twitter support! In addition, work has begun on improving the overall map generation.


    • Added a Champion's Screen! Now you can see who's on each floor, seperately.
    • Added Twitter support. Disabled by default. Check the setting under Settings/Game subcategory Gameplay.
    • Added a Charge UI, for when you're recharging your chargeable weapons!
    • Added a little info box when using ranged weapons.
    • You can now Look At eggs!
    • Champions now also save their Magic stat when saving to a floor! 


    • Magic requires a lot less uses to finally learn them! It depends on rank, now, too.
    • Multi-hit weapons have had their power statistics adjusted greatly.
    • Prison Guards have been nerfed - they don't call eachother's help anymore.
    • Some spells have had their MP costs adjusted.
    • Some monsters are slightly nerfed, especially on higher levels.
    • Gem of Vecna doesn't instantly kill other players anymore. It felt too overpowered, so until a better solution comes around this will be it.


    • Tile highlighting when trying to use a ranged weapon has been fixed.
    • Adjust some game difficulty values, it is now slightly easier overall.
    • Fixed Charge type overlapping other texts sometimes.
    • Durability of all items have been slightly increased.
    • Some gear pieces had wrong icons.
    • Some monsters now appear in different places than previously.
    • Fixed crash when selling favorited item when it's in the last inventory slot (wow).
    • Fixed monsters still trying to get ya when you're using stairs.
    • Fixed monsters being visible on minimap when entering a fresh floor.
    • Some items have had some typo's fixed.
    • Monsters don't take damage turns when they should be dead.
    • If a weapon has +hits, it will draw them accordingly.
    • Fixed small text offset in Charge skill type for Wands.
    • Settings now try to save if using it through the pause menu.