This update brings a whole range of improvements, signifying the end of the Crafting Milestone (as a focus), and preparing to delve deeper into the World Milestone.


    • New monsters have been added.
    • Some monsters have new abilities, watch out for trails!
    • Added new gear pieces, including the first magic focussed set.
    • Settings Window has been updated with new settings for both Controller (vibration) and gameplay (Combat movement).
    • To accomodate the above; added subcategories for Settings Window.
    • Added a button to the Introduction screen to know how to make text scroll faster.
    • The title screen has been updated with new art.
    • Some weapons are now craftable!
    • Ability to craft a bow and arrow is now standard.
    • Some new world objects have been added. Beware where you walk!
    • Added charging items for chargeables, you can charge something else by simply using them in your inventory and then selecting the matching chargeable item for it in the list.
    • If an item can be charged, it will show what charge item is needed for it in the item info box.


    • The overall difficulty of the game has been increased.
    • Some monsters resist new status effects.
    • Some monsters have been moved around and may appear in different locations (or not at all in some).
    • Doors that are locked and you bash into it will now shake a little bit!
    • The stairs that connect all the floors now do not have a static position. You might have to look around for the stairs a bit more, at times!
    • Leaderboards no longer register if the floor is below 33.
    • If trying to manage gems and gear, it will notify what the reason is if that is not possible (e.g no empty sockets, all sockets occupied etc.)
    • Some ranged weapons have their ranges improved.
    • Traps no longer synchronize their states. They will be in different phases, randomly, now.
    • If wielding a magical item, the closest entity it will hit will also show the radius around it it will additionally hit where applicable.
    • After getting a status effect, there's a short grace period where getting another status effect is not possible.
    • Legendary items have had their stats lowered slightly.
    • Regenerate effect heals less per turn.
    • Damaging status effect now show proper damage.
    • Amount of spells needed to learn magic is lowered and depending on its rank.


    • Defense is now taken into account by default instead of randomly when taking damage.
    • Introduction text is now a little slower.
    • Using the Look At on multiple things will now describe all the things!
    • Permanent fix for equipment that sometimes appear to be equipped double if the item is the same (e.g two necklaces are equipped).
    • Weapons with one additional hit now don't have their selling value drop to zero.
    • When on controller, the Progress Window used the same button for two seperate functions.
    • Gem crafting now works again.
    • Champs no longer get stuck on traps when they accidently end up on one.