ARRRR ME HEARTIES! You just completed a good ol’ raid and now it’s time to set sail to yer own cove. There’s only one tiny little problem: your ship’s wheel broke off. But with some skill you can still steer the ship back home! Collect shiny loot on your way home, and balance it on the ships deck to steer it in the right direction. But beware of the enemies! Kill ‘em by shooting your loot on their ships. Just drag it into the cannons and FIRE! No more loot left? Maybe that broken wheel can still be of use… The goal: keep yer shit straight and get to the pub! Drink up me hearties!

Switch sound on for awesome soundtrack!


Left mouse button Drag items on and off your ship. Or put them in a cannon to fire them off!
Scroll whilst holding left mouse button when holding items pull them towards you.
Right mouse button Control the camera.
Escape to go to main menu
Backspace to restart.


Joram Art JoramWolters
Viktor Art vik.tris
Lance Programming dk_lance
Stijn Programming (visit website!)
Toon Composer (visit Tone Street Audio!)

Final results: 
Overall: 220th (3.799 average from 136 ratings)
Fun:    338th (3.567 average from 137 ratings)
Innovation: 56th (4.022 average from 136 ratings)
Theme: 433rd (3.585 average from 131 ratings)
Graphics: 111th (4.335 average from 138 ratings)
Audio: 142nd (3.794 average from 133 ratings)
Humor: 358th (3.371 average from 130 ratings)
Mood: 251st (3.672 average from 130 ratings)