DGA Student Art Winner
Indigo Award Winner
CEGC Award Winner
Unity Awards 2016 Finalist

Rogues with Benefits

is an online multiplayer top-down co-op hack 'n slash with roguelite influences for PC where players can go in alone or in teams of up to 4 and attempt to clear the levels and survive difficult encounters. Losing the game means they have to restart from the beginning, with a fresh character.


Rogues with Benefits was originally a highly succesful USAT student project. It won several awards, but development was unfortunately discontinued after the team graduated from USAT. The original work and development blog can still be found here. Yellowcake Games was co-founded by two of the developers of Rogues With Benefits with the intention of developing it into a complete game with a new vision.

Rogues with Benefits is currently iceboxed pending the release of Dashing Dodgems.