Results from experiments and gamejams. We try to do as many gamejames as we can and are constantly coming up with new concepts to prototype. The results from these can be found here.

Duskhearth - LD43

Help a smattering of newly settled villagers eek out a life on a unique little island in the middle of nowhere. You are all that stands between them and cruel fates the GODS have chosen to bestow on them.

Captain Capsize - LD40

ARRRR ME HEARTIES! You just completed a good ol’ raid and now it’s time to set sail to yer own cove. There’s only one tiny little problem: your ship’s wheel broke off. But with some skill you can still steer the ship back home!

Long Distance - GGJ18

You're an interstellar gateway operator! Your job is to make sure every ship in the 'verse arrives at their desired destination. How? Just connect two gateways on your monitor screen using cables and make sure those travelers go through safely. That's all! Enjoy!