Dashing Dodgems

is a multiplayer top-down bumper car battle-game about destroying cities and friendships.


Dashing Dodgems is a super fast-paced frantic online and offline multiplayer game about destroying cities and friendships! 

In it players drive around with bumpercars to knock other players into the water. Last car driving wins. If the match takes too long, the environment will start to collapse on them. 

It features four-player split-screen, online multiplayer, full destructibility, four themes with twenty unique maps, five customizable game-modes, eight playable characters with fuly customizable bumpercars and many many hours of competitive fun!

The game has plenty of opportunities for players to express their domination over others through visceral feeling gameplay, All coated in a friendly-for-all-ages colorful art style in which characters are never really hurt.

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Live Streams

We do a weekly livestream on twitch of which you can find the recordings here. Also be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook

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