Dashing Dodgems

is a multiplayer top-down bumper car battle-game aimed for console release.

Motorized Mayhem

Dashing Dodgems is a quick, colorful game that's easy to pick up and play. It's continuously action packed and delivers plenty of adrenaline in short bursts of fun-filled moments!


Play with a bunch of customizable Dodgems!


Grab your friends

For now, Dashing Dodgems is a local multiplayer game, best enjoyed with friends (or enemies) sitting side by side on the couch. Drinks and snacks not included.

Choose any of several wacky characters!


Live Streams

We do a weekly livestream on twitch of which you can find the recordings here. Also be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook

Yellowcake Art & Gamedev stream #1 Particle Systems and Animations

Yellowcake Art & Gamedev stream #2 More particles & Character Design!

Yellowcake Art & Gamedev stream #3 Painting Cartoony Characters & Level Design

Yellowcake Art & Gamedev stream #4 Finalizing work for this Sprint!

Yellowcake Art & Gamedev stream #5 Characters, level design & mechanics design!