Developer: Yellowcake Games 
Release date 4/4/2022
Website: https://dashingdodgems.com/ 
Platforms: Nintendo Switch™
Regular Price: €11,99

Dashing Dodgems

Short description

Dashing Dodgems is a bumper car battle arena game about destroying cities and friendships!

Long description

Dashing Dodgems is a fast-paced local multiplayer-focused game about destroying cities and friendships. Players control an arcade-style bumper car in a fully destructible environment in a variety of game modes across eight maps set in two different themes. It features a colorful hand-textured artstyle and a custom soundtrack by Manglemoose.


Battle-royal style gameplay
Players battle it out by bumping each other into the water.

Two Game modes
Players can play either last-car-driving or spotlight mode. 

Destructible environments
Everything in the environment is destructible. Even the ground will, given enough time, start to fall apart.

Splitscreen multiplayer
Players can play locally in splitscreen.

Two Themes, eight levels
Two wholly different themes with four unique levels each


During a homebrew gamejam on January 21st 2017, Dashing Dodgems (titled Super Bump Rider at the time) was conceived and prototyped. 
The prototype was swiftly demonstrated to an audience, and after positive feedback production was started in earnest in October 2017.  


Logo's & Icons



Layer 2

Lance Krasniqi

Business Lead / Developer
Layer 1

Viktor Trisjin

3D Artist
Layer 3

Joram Wolters

2D Artist / Game Designer


Music & Sound

Yellowcake Games

We're a Dutch independent games studio consisting of Lance Krasniqi, Joram Wolters and Viktor Trisjin We're based out of Utrecht and are currently working on Dashing Dodgems, A local multiplayer battle-game for consoles.  


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